Graphite portraits and nudes obscured by spraypaint and marker pen graffiti on
the glazed frame 
  1. Exposé 3.0
    Exposé 3.0
  2. Exposé 3.1
    Exposé 3.1
  3. Exposé 3.3
    Exposé 3.3
  4. Exposé 4.1
    Exposé 4.1
  5. Exposé 5.0
    Exposé 5.0
  6. Exposé 5.1
    Exposé 5.1
  7. Exposé SMUDGE
    Exposé SMUDGE


Graphite portraits of my muse - Smudge - 
are encased in a glazed box frame and hidden from view from the unworthy by layers of my own ancient graffiti aliases in spraypaint and marker.
Whilst she is protected from harm the layers of graffiti are in fact ephemeral and fragile - they can easily be removed with scraper, sandpaper or steel wool.
2 layers of Romanticism -
Graffiti - the urban scribblings of disconnected male youth on some self promotionary rebelious rampage symptomatic of late 80s post punk inner city  bad boyisms.
The Muse - the traditional artist's romantic focus and vehicle to the expression of goodness and beauty - the artist's perceived perception of perfection via the highly evolved aesthetic of the female human form.
The emotional elicitations are controlled for you by the dry tag styles of the mid 90s and dripping spraypaint.
Purchasers of the work are encouraged to scrape all of the graffiti off - to deny the aesthetically tenuous tagging in favour of the glorious Muse...
Or leave it intact with the knowledge that she is there as the true and secret source of artistic power beneath.